a supplementary post for Schengen Visa Application at the French Embassy

I have to admit that deciding to apply at another embassy rather than reapplying at the Italian Embassy was a scary experience! We asked advice from forum members but no one from Female Network or Pinoy Exchange have tried it before so they were recommending that we reapply at the Italian Embassy Instead.

What are the risks?

1. Another possible denial to add in our records
2. We can get blacklisted because they might think we are “visa-shopping”

What is Visa Shopping

I “The practice of making further visa applications to other EU States when a first application has been rejected”
(source: ec.europa.eu)

Comforting Facts

I read somewhere (online), that even though you have been denied by a Schengen State and you applied at another embassy, the Visa consul will still look at your application with fresh eyes and will decide based on the documents you presented.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

The Schengen States uses a centralized database for visa processing so they will know if you have been denied for a visa. So if the consul asked you during the interview if you have applied before, say yes!

VIS aka Visa Information System

“The VIS allows Schengen States to exchange visa data. It consists of a central IT system and of a communication infrastructure that links this central system to national systems”
(source: ec.europa.eu)

We also called the French Embassy and asked if it was ok to reapply at the French Embassy after being denied by the Italian Embassy. They told us to present documents that will prove that France is our main destination.

Be Prepared for Questions

If you are going to follow the road I/we have taken to get our Schengen Visa, I recommend that your prepare yourself to be asked the following questions, you know just in case they ask:

1. Why do you decide to apply here instead of reapplying at (insert embassy here)?

2. What was/were the reason for denial?

By the way, the consul didn’t ask us any of these questions, again, just in case.

Prove It

You have to prove that you really are going to make changes to your itinerary and sticking to it.

Book hotels and present your booking. Confidently recite your updated itinerary when you are asked. Confidence is key!

Hope for the Best

The wait was excruciating for us because we were in a situation wherein we couldn’t reapply anymore if we got denied again because we were so close to our travel date.

I cried myself to sleep when we got denied the first time, I kid you not. I cried in fear that I might not step in Europe soil last year. So, I prayed and listened to positive songs until “judgement day”.

In the end it all worked out and I was able to go to Europe. It was definitely the best 15 days in my existence. 🙂


29 thoughts on “Schengen Visa Application Denied – now what?

  1. hello hepburn girl. ive been reading threads regarding schengen visa for the past 2 months. the threads helped me a lot in gathering necessary docs i needed to present at the italian embassy. last week, after waiting for a month, i received a letter from them stating i need to come for an interview for clarifications of documents. no additional requirements were requested. yesterday, i received the refusal letter. i don’t know what else to present as i’ve presented everything. i can’t understand why one of the reasons they denied me is that i’ve no proof of sufficient means. i’ve 3 bank accounts, 1 time deposit and 2 savings; 6 months payslip that are reflected in the 2 savings accounts. technically, i don’t need a large sum of money because i have a sponsor. should it be wise to reapply or appeal because i will only visit italy (and perhaps a side trip to france) and my mother is my sponsor. she’s a resident there. i will stay with her for the whole duration of my trip because we’re traveling together. what confuses me is that i was also denied for the reason that i cannot prove my purpose of stay and my intention to leave the member states cannot be ascertained.

    my mother is going to retire very soon in the PH. my father is a pensioner and has his own income. my brother is married, an engineer and has a very good job overseas. And me, single, 42, no dependents and highly capable to survive in the PH soil, work for 3 foreign companies (though it’s homebased) so there’s no reason for me to work in a foreign land. i’m only feeding myself. it’s a silly idea to stay behind in italy while my family is in the PH. the VO is aware of these info because all she asked during the interview was about my family members. i thought it’s to my advantage that everyone in my family survives on his own.

    i’ve read in my research that i need to write an appeal letter stating the reasons why i refute the decision. is it wise to appeal or change my itinerary so i can just breeze through this process?

    your opinion will be very much appreciated

    thank you.


    1. Hi YellowSummer, I’m sorry to hear about your refusal, it’s very confusing to be refused when you know you have everything in order. I wouldn’t really recommend an appeal because it requires a lawyer based in Italy based on the refusal letter, too much of a hassle. Since Italy seems to be your main destination, reapply to them and present an improved itinerary. But first, try to send an email stating your rebuttal — I personally haven’t tried it but I read it from Adventure Accountant’s blog she was denied and sent an email asking for a personal interview (in your case an interview for the second time) at the embassy and the decision was reversed. Try that first and if that doesn’t work then reapply to them.

      I wish you well and I hope you will get the Schengen Visa soon. 🙂

      1. Hi Patty. Thank you for the prompt reply. Exactly what I’m thinking – reapply! if not successful, then go to plan B.

        I’m just worried if I reapply because the VO was rude in her Q and I lost my temper a bit. My mom is a legal resident and a taxpayer in Italy. The VO asked the most insensitive Q about my mother’s past, like how she got to Italy. When I answered that she first went to Germany before settling in Italy, she asked the next Q, “Why did she go to Germany?”.I replied that someone had invited her for a tour. She asked who, I said I don’t know. After that, she persistently asked over and over who invited my mother and gave her a re-cycled “I don’t know” answer. But she wouldn’t believe me.

        I nearly told her to stop because she’s humiliating me. With a stern voice I scolded her. I told to her face “I know where your question is leading me to! This is a personal family matter. If I say I don’t know, I don’t know (when I was saying these just imagine Cheri Gil in an intense scene-am not kidding). I explained further “I was 18 at the time. My only concern was my studies. And frankly, my mother never encouraged her children to discuss problems with the elders. I hope you know what I mean.”

        I honestly don’t know who the fuck that sponsor of my mom was. I asked my mom the other day about this man. She said he’s German and dead. 🙂

        I wasn’t able to control myself because the lady was very insinuating. Gosh, that was 25 years ago. My mother is an Italian citizen, paying her taxes responsibly. She’s in fact going to receive her pension from the Italian government this year. So why ask that Q?

        She also asked about my brother’s job and how long he has been working in Saudi Arabia. When I responded with an unsure answer “more than 2 years, 3, more than 3 years. I’m not sure. What I remember was that he first went to London in 2008 then he was transferred to SA to supervise new projects.” Sabi ba naman ng VO, with an expression na para bang ang laki kong tanga at walang alam sa mundo, “Bakit hindi mo alam? Bakit hindi ka sigurado?” That’s it. I totally lost it. “Because I’m not his baby sitter! He’s married. We have separate lives!”

        Alam kong denied na ‘ko first Q pa lang. Let’s assume the Qs are deliberate and are used like a trap. Not all applicants will think that it’s like ‘Ay, naninindak lang lang si ate… carry ko ‘to” Hahahah… What about people like me na madaling mainis and whose expected reaction is “Ang tanga naman ng tanong!”

        Mahirap talaga sa ganitong interview especially sa katulad kong ang personality is like Anabelle Rama. I was born with zero tolerance to silly topics and questions. Tanga rin naman ang embassy, why formulate stupid Qs. Not all Filipinos are dumb.

        Seriously, I’m sharing this here so that your readers who are planning to get a visa will have idea on what to expect from the interview especially those applicants with sponsors.

        I’m actually filing a complaint. I have already finished the letter addressed to the consul. I stated in the letter that I was disrespected during the interview and that the line of questioning was very rude and vague. I will send it early Monday.

        Again, thank you. It was a very sound advice. Thank you for the time.

      2. Wow! That must have been really stressful for you! I really don’t understand why the tend to ask more about your family background rather than focus on your itinerary. I was asked about my family’s work background and not about my itinerary. Very frustrating. I will never apply to their embassy again to be honest kasi after being approved by the French Embassy feeling ko talaga unfair ang decision sa amin ng Italian embassy. Again all the best on your second try. Update me na din what happens here. Thank you! If you still have question ask away I might be able to help.

  2. i have learned a lot from ur experience and i have a big push from ur experience really …
    i have got refuse from Spanish embassy , then i’ve entered a bad mood .. but after i heard the people and ur experience sounds like go again it’s okay .. the life doesn’t end on spain … my dream is to visit Europe really .. !!! it’s okay i’ll enter the subject immiedtly … i went to the italian embassy and i have improved my situation after 4 days .. they called me back the Italian embassy why am going and where and with whom …. ??
    then am still waiting what will happen and may god they will accept me i hope god please 😀
    any one can share he’s experience and tell what about my situation !!!
    thanks in advance

    1. Hello there Dany! They didn’t tell you why you need to go there? That’s strange. I’m not sure either. Some were asked to come back but were told to bring extra docs, they shoudl have told you why. I hope you do get the visa.

      1. sorry i didn’t get ur point .. !!!! i will explain more …
        after i had received the phone the first question asked me is am going to denmark or to italy ? am just shocked because i wanna go italy and he asked me that question i geus because i born in denmark. but this not means am gonna go back to denmark and they asked me where am goin with whom why .. and the money i have it in bank for whom sure its for me and he asked me what am working i just replied that student at university .. he told me they’ll give to me for a short stay and then after i come back to my country they’ll give me long stay if i will try again and till now i still waiting to what will happen i hope i will get it !!!
        ur comments any advise thanks in advance ❤

      2. That sounds promising, from your narration it sounds like they will give you the standard 90-day visa, but they are also saying that if in the future ifbyou apply again for another trip to Italy they can grant you a longer duration of a visa

    1. While I have never heard about your situation before, if he is really from the embassy then he wouldn’t lie to you. Is there a way for you to follow up on the status of your visa?

  3. i had applied at from visa center and i can know only if its finished or not yet … but i hope itll be a gratefully end ! omg i have missed Europe soil … i was there before 10 years ❤ patty thank u a lot and sure ill tell u what will happen because u helped me and i have learned from ur experience and i have read about ur experience a lot … and still waiting my papers submitted on 20 October and now still waiting !!! dunno the count how it is ? is it Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday !! are these days working days ? please need ur reply and thank u in advance ❤

  4. and now still waiting … omg how much time should wait ??? from 20 November til 15 October and no answer … and even so they promised me !! should i still looking forward or forget about ?
    thank u in advance ❤

  5. Do anyone know how soon you can reapply for a visa? I was denied for a French visa but am looking to reapply. Is there a certain amount of time I have to wait? THANKS!

  6. Do anyone here know if is proper for me to reapply for a tourist Visa this time, I was denied a German Visa on exhibition purpose last November,i gave all document which they ask at first,But after days of review They sent me an email requesting for my company bank statement past 3 months but at that time is wasn’t available, One the refusal form question (3) You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence,for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence(8) The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and condition of the intended stay was not reliable,(9) Your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained. I am very surprise as am very sure that the amount on my personal account is more then enough for my 10 days stay in German.. This time a add some advise on what i should do,And if it ok to reapply this time as a tourist because i really would like to visit German to see what the city is like. thanks

    1. Hi Chris! As far as I know there is no specific time frame that you need to follow before re-applying, you can re-apply again anytime making sure you have remedied the reason for denial. In this case submit the bank statement, make a more detailed itinerary and make sure you have all contact details of your hotel bookings

  7. Hello Patty! I yesterday got denied of Visa from Spain on grounds of “Your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained”..
    I have been to UK, completed dental nursing there. Last year, in July, i have also been to Dubai. I did not overstay in any of the two countries.
    Right now, i am pursuing Medical studies in Ukraine.
    I fulfilled all their document requirements. Sufficient funds etc.
    I wanted to make an appeal but i read on a few blogs that appealing does not help. Then i also thought of re-applying but i don’t know how do i prove them my “intention”.. Response of the embassy to an interview on reapplying is not good.
    So now i am Planning to apply for Netherlands. I would absolutely ask for an interview.
    But i don’t know how I am going to make them sure that i am absolutely looking forward to come back and continue studies. My purpose is just tourism.
    What do you think Patty?
    Do you think my rejected Schengen visa fron spain would be taken in a way that i get denied here too?

    1. hello Happy, wether you apply at the Netherlands Embassy or re-apply at the Embassy of Spain, you need to prove the part that you will come back to your home country and that your purpose is just for tourism.

      Is your itinerary detailed enough? Like does it show the activities per day?

    2. you can also get like a letter from your school or professor stating why you would certainly go back to your studies. maybe state an upcoming event, exam, that is close to your return date to prove that you are coming back.

  8. Thank u for ur reply patty, i actually wrote a itinerary letter saying that on this day i will see these places but do i need to mention any other details? Actually i am finishing with my exams and than going for holidays, so don’t actually know what kind of letter should i take from university as i already took letter saying that i am student of this university. So confused, do u think if i go to spain embassy back and ask them to take my interview because i just want to express myself.

    1. Well I suggest in this case you create a very detailed one maybe like include a time-table. As for the letter maybe you can have your adviser or professor write a letter from
      The embassy that you are a student of that uni and that you are expected to come back on a specific date because of start of term or something. Something along the lines of: The Honorable Consul

      (your name) is a student of (school) she is expected to report back to (school name) on (date) (reason)

      Then have your uni sign it and maybe include a dry seal. If you go to another embassy then you would need to change your itinerary to make that country your main destination. Hope that helps. And I wish you well.

  9. hi hepburngirl, ask ko lang nung nagapply ka na sa france embassy, binago mo ung itinerary to prove na france ung main destination. nung pumunta ka sa europe, nagstick ka sa new itinerary mo or ung old itinerary? thanks 🙂

    1. Hi adslis, I changed my itinerary to prove that France is my main destination. But I didn’t really stick to that when I was in Europe, instead of going to Marseilles I went to Germany. 🙂

  10. I’m going for my first interview at he Greek embassy I. Washington DC.. leaving NC around 4 am to make it their for my interview time. Wish me the best as is the second time I’m dealing after a denial in the French embassy.. so hopefully this time I have all is required to travel again to Europe.
    Wish me luck and I will let you know the outcome..

  11. is it easy to get a schengen visa in Manila for a solo traveler like im going to spend 8 days in Paris only. I travelled a lot mostly asian countires with visa and no visa, im working with itr. What is your recommendation? Thank you.

    1. Hi Mike! Solo travel shouldn’t be a problem, just make sure you create a clear intention of coming back – mention commitments at work that would require you to come back if you will present the letter of approved leaves from your boss. In my case I remember mentioning that I would be facilitating a training class on a specific date- which shows that I’m tied to my work. In your itinerary as well, try to keep your agenda touristy as much as possible. Your past travel history are good back up too. All the best in your application!!

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