still part of Day 1 🙂

As a child I’ve read a lot of illustrated story books and was charmed to see drawings of villages with chimneys and attics. Stepping foot in Romerberg felt like being inside those story books!

romerberg 1I suddenly wanted to be dressed like Belle, skip and burst into a song! Are you getting the mental images now?


Romerberg has been in existence since the 9th century and has witnessed innumerable fairs, markets, festivals and even execution!

These are mainly reconstruction of the old timber houses. They now function as restaurants, coffee shops and souvenirs shop. Each house has it’s name, from left to right, Zum Engel (At the Angel), Goldener Greif (Golden Griffin), Wilder Mann (Wild Man), Kleiner Dachsberg-Schlussel (Little Dachsberg).

In front of Kleiner Laubenberg (Little Laubenberg)

This is the statue of Justice.

The old man reminded me so much of Albert Einstein.

The Kaiserdom is just a few steps away.

It’s such a picturesque area, you will find yourself clicking away to capture different angles. When we were there, we had the chance to listen to a street performer. He was tapping on wok-like drums and the music was really cool. Watch the video here.

If you are looking for Frankfurt souvenirs, Romerberg is the place to go, and if you get hungry, just go back to the main street and there are restaurants across the street.

How To Get to Romerburg from Frankfurt HBF:

Take the tram – line 12 – and get off at Romer!


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