Don’t be confused, Frankfurt Cathedral or Frankfurter Dom are alternative names for Kaiserdom Sankt Bartholomäus. From Romerberg, the cathedral stands tall and you can just walk up the alley to get to it, but be aware of cars. There is an alternative route if you are not coming from Romerberg, but that is another story.

on our way to the cathedral

There was an ongoing construction near the cathedral when I went there which kind of breaks the solemnity of the place.

Kaiserdom, despite it’s name, is not a cathedral because it has never been the seat of a bishop. It gets its title because German emperors and kings were crowned here.

The cathedral is difficult to capture in photos, you need a wider lens, I was already using a14-24mm lens. So I whipped out a fish-eye lens adapter for the iPhone and used my phone instead (gotta love the iPhone camera).

This is is not the main facade though. It’s on the other side, somehow we just ended up here because there weren’t a lot of people. Ergo, I can have my picture without being shy (?!).

I was trying to get a better shot of the cathedral, and then I dropped my water bottle and it smashed! I was crestfallen because I spent a good 10 minutes deciding on which bottled water to buy (only in Europe) and it was yummy tasting apple flavored water. I had to chug most of it and then threw the bottle. Anyhoo..

Another photo of Patty (uh-huh)

Getting into more important stuff, I tried to capture different angles of Kaiserdom and showcase it’s Gothic beauty.

In true German style, there are two clocks installed on on each side of the spire. The spire is 95 meters high.

The cathedral was named after the apostle, Bartholomew, in fact his skullcap is in this cathedral and is the most important relic of Kaiserdom.

This cathedral has gone several reconstruction due to a great fire in 1867 and damages from the war. Originally it was not a Neo-Gothic styled church but after the restoration, led by Franz Joseph Dezinger, this style took over and has become the look of Kaiserdom up to the present.

I didn’t go inside the church until the next day. This actually concludes our first day in Frankfurt!

To recap, this is our Frankfurt Day 1 itinerary (links too)

All Frankfurt posts are tagged under Frankfurt for easy reference.

Stay tuned for more travel diaries! I’m just getting started. *wink*


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