To be honest, when we went here I began to think that this was not the filming location for the following reasons:

  • The place just looked so different  and the lay out is so different
  • The boys wear blue not orange
  • They have this board where they feature k-dramas and scenes filmed here but LOTBS was not included





tripadvisor photo


Then I found this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 3.22.11 PM

So I guess sufficient to say, we were duped! LOL. But since all over the internet they are saying that this was where the jjimjilbang scene was filmed we had to go.

The directions to getting here was a bit vague because they will just tell you that it’s near Gangbyeon Station. They made it seem easy, that I expected it to be just right across the station but it’s not. So I took the map and made some annotations.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 2.58.21 PM

First, you will take Exit 3 of Gangbyeon Station and start walking to your right until you reach the crossroad – across that are red tents so that’s landmark no.1. Cross the street and turn right until you see the GS25 at the corner. Turn left at this corner and walk for about 200meters, if you see the Pizza Hut across the street then you are near. Actually the sign for the jimjilbang is big so you cannot miss it.

The rate from 11PM to 6AM was 11,000 KRW, broken english and broken hangul can get you by with the ahjummas. To be fair we slept soundly here, because not a lot of people were snoring.

Princess Leia Buns
Egg and sikhye – it’s not easy to crack open the egg by banging it to your forehead


At least We Got Married was filmed here lol


If you want to visit the true filming location then visit Red Ginseng Spa. Flyhoneystars updated the LOTBS filming guide with the directions. Da real MVP!

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