I have achieved another first, I watched a KPOP concert in Seoul last month!!! I went to see 레드벨벳  Red Velvet in their first ever concert. *tears of joy*


A little bit of history aka how I got into this

레드벨벳 Red Velvet was introduced to me by several retweets of my dongsaeng  that eventually prompted me to check out Ice Cream Cake, then their first comeback with OT5 in tow. I really admire their visuals, dance skillz, vocal skillz, and I love their dorkiness.

Back to the concert…

I know my chances of securing tickets vs the korean fans was slim to none.  But I tried this Korea-based concierge service called Ask Ajumma, (now Wonderful) told them about my budget (double the price) and preferred zones (F1-F4 Standing). In just two days they were able to find a ticket for me.



Ack! Instead of leaving the house at 8AM I woke up at 11AM. The concert is at 4PM but I wanted to meet another Reveluv before heading to the venue at 1PM. I was staying outside of Seoul and I got to the venue at 2PM, by then the official light stick was sold out. huhu. Good thing I decided to get bootlegged ones near the subway exit.

I was also super hungry, and there was no substantial meal other than tteokbokki. So I had that. It’s ok, better than nothing right? So kids, don’t be like me. Make sure you wake up early.



Nothing can prepare me for the moment when the lights were all turned off and people started waving their pretty coral light sticks (mine was white ‘cos bootlegged version yo!) The members appeared one by one and I started shouting, jumping and crying ALL AT THE FREAKING SAME TIME. I was an embarrassing mess.

The energy of the girls were infectious but unmatched, they breezed through the first three songs with killer dance moves without a sight of breathlessness! I was super impressed.

Each time they perform the songs I’ve only seen in Youtube (Happiness, Ice Cream Cake, Rookie, Red Flavor, One of These Nights, Russian Roulette, Be Natural, Automatic) I tear up. They even shook things up and sang a kid’s song called Shark Song. It was hilarious!!

They prepared a B-Stage or a second stage to get closer to the fans at the second level and I got the opportunity to see Wendy – which ensued a stream of tears again – and Joy oozing with charisma – she was smiling all through out the show.  Also saw Irene up close and OHMYGOD:

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 7.25.32 AM


They danced with a certain carefree and lightness during “Zoo”, a performance we got to see exclusively at the concert.

The korean fans are also a joy to be with because they are polite and will only sing out loud on queue. I will never forget the bop time we had during the Russian Roulette remix. We were all jumping!

They members each had solo stages, starting with Wendy (Son Seung-wan) showcasing her vocal prowess and then individual dancing to Be Natural by Yeri (Kim Yerim), Seulgi (Kang Seulgi), Joy (Park Soo-young) and finally Leader Bae-rene (Bae Joo-hyun). We chanted their Korean names as they perform. It was so fun! Then for the first time ever we saw the full choreography of Automatic!


Since it was the last day for the concert, we sang their song “My Dear” for Red Velvet as we clamor for encore. If you are wondering if I sang all lines, uhm no, I only know the english parts but can hum the entire song. HAHA.


During the “ments” part (speech time) the members tried hard not to cry. It’s hard not to because everyone, Red Velvet and Reveluvs wanted this concert to happen for a long time now. Their 3-day concert was sold out and seeing the sea of lights we imagined for so long who wouldn’t get emo???

All in all they performed 25 songs!

I don’t have my own photos because it wasn’t allowed, although there were some ninjas but I’m not about to waste my precious money to get kicked out of this concert. And as they said in the opening VCR, remember through our hearts and minds.

I’m really happy  I got the chance to see them in a small venue, I’m positive that the next concert venue will be bigger as they gain more popularity overseas. Next time I watch them I’ll be taking a seating ticket *signs of aging*.


Detailed concert highlights here.


7 thoughts on “Inside the Red Room: Red Velvet’s First Concert

  1. Hahaha…concerts are always so much fun isn’t it? I’ve been to so many of them that I wouldn’t hesitate to keep going again …it’s just a different feeling…ahhh…I wish I was back there during concert again..hahaha

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