Japan Travel Diary: Food Exploration

When in Japan, you just got to eat, eat, eat and eat! Not gonna lie, it was easy to run to the "konbini" when you feel your stomach grumbling, but I'm not one to scrimp on food anymore, and I refuse to go hungry in Japan. So I ate a lot. I'm sorry if this … Continue reading Japan Travel Diary: Food Exploration


Paris Imaginé

Now I know why I can't bring myself to post about my Paris travel diaries, I get so much separation anxiety! Yes, Paris is always (and will always be) a good idea. If I wish hard enough will I find myself transported back? Hardly. Let me tell you the "sepanx" got so bad, I went … Continue reading Paris Imaginé

SSS: Schedule a visit to the Local Supermarket

UPDATED: 5/29/2017 When I travel to another place whether it's for work or just plain vacation, I always look for the local supermarket. It's the best place to buy snacks, water, tea and food souvenir to bring home. I came up with a list of local supermarkets per country that I have been to and … Continue reading SSS: Schedule a visit to the Local Supermarket

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Part 2)

The festivities continued through out the day but being eternally hungry I suggested we head to my favorite dumpling place. While walking towards Yuchencgo Street, I spotted a street peddler selling pens. I had to check it out in the hope of scoring fountain pens, but they turned out to be just ball point pens. … Continue reading Gong Xi Fa Cai (Part 2)

Cafe Shibuya

First off, Cafe Shibuya is not in Japan. This is a cafe based in Manila, with branches (so far) at UP Town Center in Faraway QC and at Glorietta 2 in Makati City, where we dined. I have a group of friends at work called the "Kumare Club" because we loosely call each other "mare" … Continue reading Cafe Shibuya

Singapore Eat List

Traveling for work means food adventure for me. Since the company pays for my food it's a chance for me to try new dishes and abuse my palette! Behold, my Singapore eat list! 1. Lunch at Hello Food, Shenton House Where the Singapore workforce eats during lunch (apart from Amoy Food Street), it's cheap and … Continue reading Singapore Eat List