Chasing Goofy

While I'm a self proclaimed cat lady, my favorite Disney character happens to be a dog! The first time I was in Disneyland, I was too excited for the rides and pictures that I missed the chance to take a photo with Goofy. This time, I was determined to have a picture with Goofy! Watch … Continue reading Chasing Goofy


Hong Kong 2016 in Film

There's something about coming back to a place, and in attempt to capture my third visit to Hong Kong I decided to go crazy with my camera gear. I brought a total of 4 cameras in this trip. One of them is the Olympus Pen EES half-frame camera which is so much older than me. … Continue reading Hong Kong 2016 in Film

My First

Lately, I've been stuck in a nostalgic phase ever since October descended upon us. I kept dreaming about the places I have been. Last night I vividly remember dreaming about walking at Rue du Fauborg Montmartre.  So I thought I'd write about my first overseas travel.    It was in February 2011, it was a … Continue reading My First

Travel Diary: Hong Kong Lay Over Part 2

After Sasa, I had time in my  hands to sight see before heading back to the airport for our 12 midnight flight. I am reminded once again why I like this city. Everyone was out and about, buzzing with energy. Is this how the vibe in New York is? I like the cosmopolitan feel of … Continue reading Travel Diary: Hong Kong Lay Over Part 2

Travel Diary: Hong Kong Lay Over Part 1

October 15, the voyage to Europe begins! I flew via Cathay Pacific and there was a lay-over in one of my favorite cities, Hong Kong. I decided to get a flight schedule that had a whole day lay-over so we can explore Causeway Bay for a day. The plane arrived in Hong Kong at around … Continue reading Travel Diary: Hong Kong Lay Over Part 1