KDrama Tour Itinerary

Annyeong! I just got back from Korea with a couple of Kdrama Fans friend, our goal was to go to as many filming locations from Goblin, Descendants of the Sun and The Legend of the Blue Sea. We put together a 5-Day itinerary that was a mix of Kdrama tour, famous landmark and shopping. Now … Continue reading KDrama Tour Itinerary


KDrama DIY Tour

Visited filming locations of two of the kdramas - The Legend of the Blue Sea푸른 바다의 전설 and Goblin 도깨비

Vlog: Japan

Whew! Long time coming actually! When I went to Japan I was dead set in making a vlog but being an awkward duck I couldn't do it, but I took loads of video to document a lot of things. So here you have some sort of a travel vlog. Erm the video cannot be played … Continue reading Vlog: Japan

Paris Travel Diary: Got to Vélib’

Ah, biking in Paris was something I wanted to do ever since I saw the Korean drama, 파리의연인 aka Lovers in Paris. There's something so chic and carefree about it. This dream turned into a reality thanks to Vélib'. What is Vélib'? Vélib' is a bike-share system in Paris, with over 14,000 bikes and 1,500 bicycle stations. Anyone, tourists … Continue reading Paris Travel Diary: Got to Vélib’

Paris Travel Diary: A Day at the Flea Market

Blame it from watching a lot of Audrey Hepburn movies, when I went to Paris all I wanted was to be as Audrey Hepburn in the movies as possible. (As I type this I’m listening to a Paris Sightseeing playlist on Spotify. I really can’t wait to go back, but alas, patience grasshopper.) Inspired by her … Continue reading Paris Travel Diary: A Day at the Flea Market

Things to do in Paris

I know I still have a lot of pending travel diaries, work is kicking my ass so I have no energy left to sort, edit and try to wring out my feelings when I was in that place and write about it. Gah, night shift is like a dementor! This list happened because: 1. I'm … Continue reading Things to do in Paris

4 Days in Seoul

Well technically, it's five days but since we will arrive in Seoul at night I think the only agenda we have is go to a convenience store. I'm already worried that I might not be able to share my travel diary in a timely manner. *cough* pending Europe Travel diary * cough* Singapore travel diary* … Continue reading 4 Days in Seoul