Inside the Red Room: Red Velvet’s First Concert

Nothing can prepare me for the moment when the lights were all turned off and people started waving their pretty coral light sticks (mine was white 'cos bootlegged version yo!) The members appeared one by one and I started shouting, jumping and crying ALL AT THE FREAKING SAME TIME. I was an embarrassing mess.


Favorite Spots in Seoul

Hey chingu! So you are going to Seoul? Let me share you my favorite places #travel #seoul #solotravel

KDrama DIY Tour

Visited filming locations of two of the kdramas - The Legend of the Blue Sea푸른 바다의 전설 and Goblin 도깨비

The First Sunrise of 2017

Sunrise Festival at Gyeongpo Beach, Gangneung

Korean Visa Application 2016

Annyeong! UPDATE: Got my multiple entry visa valid for 3 years!!!! I'm getting ready to apply for a (South) Korean Visa again as my multiple entry visa expired last year. This time I was surprised how much the application form and some requirements has changed since my last application. The application form now has 5 pages!! … Continue reading Korean Visa Application 2016

Going Solo

March 6, a year ago, I did something really impulsive. I went to Seoul with only five days of preparation, marking it as my first solo travel. THE WHY: There was an Audrey Hepburn exhibition called Beauty Beyond Beauty, which features clothing, photos and other mementos of my role model in life. I found out … Continue reading Going Solo

Thoughts on Solo Travel

Fun Fact: I have never traveled for leisure alone before. It's not because I'm afraid but I had a solid group of friends I travel with that going to new places with them seem natural. I agree to whoever said this: "In this world, there are things you can only do alone, and things you can only … Continue reading Thoughts on Solo Travel

Hi From Seoul! 

Annyeong!!! Suddenly, I'm in Seoul huh? I got my visa last Thursday and I flew out here Friday. It's so cold for me but I love it. THIS MY FIRST SOLO TRAVEL EVERRRRRRRRR. Sharing with you some pictures I took while in transit and walking around (so cold, my face is so dry!)I'm trying to decide … Continue reading Hi From Seoul!